Students' O-Week warning: Dumb & dumber

An incident in which two students fell off the roof of the same flat within minutes of each other on Monday night should serve as a reminder for students to think before they act during O-Week.

The 19-year-old males, who have the same first name, both broke a hand, one the left, the other the right. One also broke two bones in his left forearm and was knocked unconscious.

The students, who declined to be named, both said the incident should serve as a reminder for students to think before they acted. The embarrassed pair said they could have received much more serious injuries.

One said he fell off the roof of the Dundas St flat about 11pm, followed minutes later by his friend.

He said he did not remember being taken to hospital by ambulance and had no memory of events until waking up in a hospital bed.

The pair had been drinking before the incident, he said.

''We had been drinking, but it wasn't excessive or anything. I was drunk, but it wasn't a big night or anything.''

The pair visited the proctor yesterday morning and were told to speak to the media so their story could serve as a lesson to other students.

Otago University Students' Association president Francisco Hernandez said the incident showed what could happen if students made stupid decisions when they were drinking.

''Think about it. It might end up hurting your health, or your degree.''


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