Taieri College junior prizes

Year 9

9BM: Top scholar, Joshua Scott (English, social studies, French, music, food technology); Matthew Cresswell, (English, mathematics, science, social studies, workshop technology wood, music performance); Tabitha Littlejohn (mathematics, science, social studies, workshop technology wood, drama, music); Jemima Anderson (science, physical education, text and information management, economics, food technology); Trent Thomson (English, social studies, physical education); Brooke-Lynn Hallett (citizenship); Amy Lawrence ( English, social studies, art, text and information management, textiles, graphics); Skyla Stadnyk (English, textiles, economics, food technology); Roshan Dixon (physical education, Japanese, music); Tomas Jordan (science); Finn McDonald-Page (physical education); Trent Mitchell-Borley (mathematics); Fredrick Coleman (mathematics, science); Paige Barford (craft, music); Kodi Jones (physical education); Paris McFadden (text & information management, maori); Gemma Thompson (text and information management, French); Hannah Chaplin (textiles); Joshua Finnie (music); Jorja MacKenzie (mathematics); Samuel O'Neill (argiculture and horticulture science); Emerald Ottley (drama); Deanna Smith (text and information management).

9CR: Top scholar, Amber Dawson-Brown (English, mathematics, science, social studies, french, drama); Campbell Broome (English, mathematics, science); Reuben Wilson (mathematics, science, social studies); Jacqui Dunlop (English, mathematics, social studies); Liam Boyne (English, physical education); Ashleigh Smith (citizenship, mathematics); Hamish Burgess (physical education); Thomassa Cabral (physical education); Anika Thompson (social studies, physical education); Callum Chambers (science); Milla Campher (English); Aardhyn Lavender (science); Krystal McCutcheon (physical education); Casey Moffat (social studies); Caitlin Jopson (Maori).

9DM: Top scholar, Laurence Jenkins (English, mathematics, science, social studies); Prianka Chand (mathematics, science, social studies, art); Emily Landrebe (English, mathematics, science, social studies); Erin Wilson (English, science, social studies, physical education, workshop technology metal); Zharna Beattie (English, social studies, physical education, Japanese); Kimberly Beaton (citizenship, English); Michael Gale (physical education); Annalise Stewart (science); Ross Sutherland (mathematics, physical education); Thomas Mitchell (physical education); Noami Wall Bennet (drama); Willow Millar (mathematics); Justin Todd (workshop technology metal).

9MG: Top scholar, Jordan Kelliher (English, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, sports science); Nick Matheson (English, social studies, physical education, workshop technology metal, music, citizenship); Kaea Roberts (English, social studies, Japanese); Isla Edgecombe (mathematics, social studies, physical education, art); Jaimee Hudson (mathematics, science); Harrison Ballantyne (English, mathematics, music); Erin Gibson (mathematics, science); Connor Gold (science, physical education); James Smith (social studies); Ethan Wilson (science); Jessica White (English, physical education); Rabekah Mowat (French).

9PD: Top scholar, Benjamin Hamlin (mathematics, science, social studies, argiculture and horticultural science); Lauren Isaacs(English, mathematics, science, social studies, textiles); Ainsley McCleery (English, mathematics, food technology); Holly Smolders (English, social studies); Ethan McKinlay (English, mathematics, physical education); Danielle Theron (citizenship); Benjamin Hackfath (science, physical education); Mackenzie Miller (physical education); Samara Scholten (mathematics, science, social studies, Japanese); Taylor Duff (science); Emma Cunningham (English); Matthew Taylor (physical education); Jody Burrell (physical education, text and information management); William Facer (art); Connor MacKenzie (sports science); Jayden Standring (workshop technology wood); Jade Tamplin (social studies); Jarvis Wallace (graphics).

9WM: Top scholar, Madison Baker (English, mathematics, science, social studies, art); Megan Stringer (English, mathematics, science, social studies); Maxwell Chirnside (mathematics, science, physical education, text and information management); Harvey Amende (English, mathematics, physical education); Samuel Galloway (citizenship, science, craft); Erin Dickie (physical education); James Gray (mathematics, social studies); Mitchell Iosua (English, social studies); Monique Harper (English, social studies); Hayden Butcher (physical education); Caitlin Facer (art); Raegan Potter (physical education); Brooke Williams (science).

Year 10

10BE: Top scholar, Laura Bungard (English, mathematics, science, physical education, sports science, textiles, art design); Jonah Smith (English, mathematics, science, social studies); Thomas Coulston (social studies, physical education, graphics, workshop technology metal, workshop technology wood); Tayla Cramond (science, physical education, drama, graphics, art design); Katrina McHale (social studies, hospitality, textiles); Shani Fleck (citizenship, sports science, drama); Ashlee Maxwell (English, physical education, drama, music); Mackenzie Archer (mathematics, agricultural and horticultural science, economics); Georgia Duff (mathematics, social studies, economics); Katrina Clark (science, sports science, agricultural and horticultural science); Hayley Smith (Japanese, economics, text and information technology); Hayley O'Connell (social studies, Maori); Macy Bisset (English, mathematics, textiles); Danya Kerr (English, Maori); Benjamin Amende (science); Renee Horne (textiles); Gina Haddow (graphics); Zachary Henry (drama); Javier Langley (physical education).

10DK: Top scholar, Katrina Bungard (English, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education); Bryanna Morris (mathematics, science, social studies); Tylah Harris (English, social studies); Hayden Mitchell (mathematics, social studies, physical education ); Shaniah Amende (English, science, social studies); Samantha Mitchell (citizenship, mathematics, science); Liam Sheridan (physical education, workshop technology metal); Sitanshu Chand (mathematics, science); Janaya Anderton (physical education); Christian Carr (English, physical education); Amir Velthuis (English).

10FS: Top scholar, Erynn Verlinden (English, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education); Daneka Koppert-Duggan (English, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education); Brittney Fourie (English, mathematics, social studies, physical education); Joshua Faulkner (mathematics, science); Maliana Lesa (English, social studies); Nathan Pedrigal (mathematics, science); Isabella Mitchell (citizenship, physical education); Benaiah Dunn (workshop technology wood); Hannah McKay (English, social studies); Rain Crowe (science); Garfay Hothaisong (physical education).

10HN: Top scholar, Flynn Knowles (English, mathematics, science, social studies); Olivia Docherty (English, social studies, physical education, art); Toby McLeod (mathematics, science, workshop technology metal, workshop technology wood); Britany Haworth (English, social studies); Connor Chiffers (mathematics, science, social studies); Emersyn Thom (citizenship); Nikki Laing (mathematics, science); Angel Cookson (English, physical education); Samuel Pitchers (physical education); Maeve Witchell (social studies); Madison McArthur (physical education); Zak Russell (workshop technology metal, workshop technology wood); Amber Brady (English, mathematics); Kurt MacAulay (workshop technology metal); Kaelen Hill (workshop technology wood); Kyle Mikaere (physical education); Scott Mooney (science).

10TH: Top scholar, Jacob Will (mathematics, science, social studies, economics); Neeve Wooltorton (science, social studies, physical education, agricultural and horticultural science, hospitality); Matthew Miller (mathematics, physical education); Jared Preston (English, mathematics, science, text and information management); Brooke McIver (English, social studies); Brianna McAdam (citizenship, hospitality); Nicholas Duff (mathematics, sports science); Georgia Farr (mathematics, science, social studies); Joshua Glennie (English, science, physical education, workshop technology wood); Elizabeth Horner (English); Olivia Tobin (social studies, art design); Lorraine Ruka (English); Trey Russell (physical education); Alexander Cochrane (music); Jordan Miller (physical education, art); Libby Callaghan (art design); Danella Chambers (art); Mitchell Hay (Japanese); Long Nguyen (Japanese).

10TM: Top scholar, Ciara Lawlor (English, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, economics, art); Savanna Stent (mathematics, science, social studies, drama, music, citizenship); Tara McNally (English, mathematics, social studies); Meara Acheson-Kappely (English, science, physical education); Leah Peldmanis (science, social studies, hospitality); Emma Elliman (mathematics, science); Megan Struthers (English, social studies); James Williams (physical education); Brooke White (physical education); Benjamin Horrell (mathematics); Thomas Kelly (physical education); Tayla Thomas (English).

Sports awards

Under-14 girls athletics champion (Tara McNally); junior boys sprint champion LR Harvey Cup (Bailey Ferguson); under-15 girls athletic champion (Shanae Burgess); intermediate female cross-country champion (Laura Bungard); year 10 girls swimming champion (Laura Bungard); Vivienne Martin Cup, year 9 girls swimming champion (Erin Dickie); Mrs N Burrell Cup, year 9 boys swimming champion (Jordan Kelliher); J Wells Cup, intermediate boys athletics 1500m champion (Cameron O'Connell); under-14 boys athletic champion (Cameron O'Connell); intermediate male cross country champion (Cameron O'Connell); K Shields Trophy most valuable touch player junior school (Trey Russell); Taieri College most valuable player junior girls basketball (Zharna Beattie); D Leonard most improved junior girls basketball player (Shani Fleck); all-round contribution to junior boys basketball (Matthew Miller); S Shanks most improved junior boys basketball (Javier Langley); most improved player year 9 netball (Isla Edgecombe); most valuable player year 9 netball (Katelyn Loose); most improved player year 10 netball (Hayley Smith); most valuable player year 10 netball (Natasha Renshaw); most promising rugby player under-14 (Ross Sutherland); most promising junior girl rugby player (Sarah Lindsay); junior girls volleyball most promising player (Samantha Turner); Hugh McGarry Trophy for junior boys football (Javier Langley); Barry and Maureen Whyte, batting trophy for junior cricket (Nicholas Duff); Taieri Cricket Club trophy, most improved player (Christian Carr); Taieri Cricket Club, Dave Stewart junior bowling trophy (Thomas Kelly); Henry Wilson Trophy, most improved junior hockey player (Mackenzie Archer); Mee Trophy, most improved junior girl hockey player (Maeve Witchell); Evelyn Anderton Trophy annual contribution to boys hockey (Logan Carter); Taieri Hockey Club Trophy most improved boy (Jonathan Copely); year 9-10 water polo most valuable player (Ben Hamlin); Fair Play Cup, contribution to sport (Maigan Fright); junior sportswoman of the year (Tayla Cramond); junior sportsman of the year (Javier Langley)

Special awards

Frances Cosgrove Memorial Prize years9-10, excellence in writing (Kaea Roberts); Cicero Cup, year 9 public speaking (Tabitha Littlejohn); excellence in debating (Tabitha Littlejohn); C R Madill junior wordsmith trophy excellence in year 9-10 writing, speech and drama (Elizabeth Horner); Pukorero Trophy year 10 public speaking (Elizabeth Horner); outstanding contribution to music year 9 and 10 (Alexander Cochrane); outstanding music performance (Alexander Cochrane); outstanding contribution to rock music (Alexander Cochrane); Student Council Award best individual contribution to work day (Kelsi Ryan); Student Council Award best junior class contribution to work day (represented by Kelsi Ryan); Leon Ding Prize practical horticultural science (Logan Carter and Toby McLeod); Winnie Ding Prize, horticulture science (Erynn Verlinden); Pasifika young achiever (Meara Acheson-Kappely); Mana Pounamu young achiever (Danya Kerr).

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