Toilet museum mooted for Dunedin

The idea of establishing a toilet museum in Dunedin is being suggested by city council archivist Alison Breese.

The 105-year-old toilet block in Manor Pl should be restored and turned into a museum-style tourist attraction, she said.

However, Ms Breese believed it was not practical to reinstate the Victorian-style underground toilets in the Octagon, as some people have suggested.

"We've found all the specifications of them being filled up with rubble ... they're probably smashed up by now.”

Victorian social custom dictated the toilets should be built underground.

The Dunedin toilets from the Victorian era were very modern at the time, she said.

“We had local contractors, all the toilets were imported from England. They worked with Thomas Crapper, who worked on the first flushing toilet.”

Manor Place toilets. Photo: DCC archive
Manor Place toilets. Photo: DCC archive

- Rosel Labone

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