Trespassed from Rialto over Isis joke

The group were trespassed from Rialto Cinemas in Dunedin. Photo: Google
The group were trespassed from Rialto Cinemas in Dunedin. Photo: Google
A group of Auckland men were trespassed from a Dunedin cinema yesterday after one of them flaunted cash while claiming "Isis pays well".

Senior Sergeant Craig Dinnissen, of Dunedin, said four men in their late 20s on holiday from Auckland were "causing anxiety" at Rialto Cinemas yesterday evening.

One of the men showed a wad of money to his friends and claimed Isis, the international terrorist organisation, paid well.

Police were called and officers trespassed the men.

The offender later said it was a joke.

No further action was taken.

Sr Sgt Dinnissen said the men had clearly aggravated or antagonised other people in the cinema.

"With the current environment there's only so much stupidity you can tolerate." 

Locals took to social media to vent their views over the incident, which sparked mixed reviews.

"A pretty inappropriate joke, not funny at all... and yes, I do have a sense of humour," one person said.

Another questioned why police needed to be involved.

"Do we really need the police involved in bad comedy, it is pathetic," another said.

"They should have just been asked to leave....don't think the police needed to be involved."

Isis is also the name of the rehabilitation centre at Wakari Hospital in Dunedin.

One person alluded to this in the Otago Daily Times Facebook page saying: "No they don’t. My friends work at ISIS here in Dunedin and they reckon it pays the same as regular nursing at the hospital."


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Sorry New Zealand Police, these guys should have been taken seriously, locked up and investigated - end of story. There is or was a teenage guy locked up for that video and not allowed bail, this should be the same, until the police stop treating this as a joke it will keep happen and will make others think NZ is a soft target.

Wake up this is a serious incident and not a joke.

Sorry to the police You are wrong wrong wrong wrong this is a joke and should be treated as a joke in NZ we joke about things take away our right to jokes and all we are left is a society of labour party supporters that think their leader is doing good Take a rea look at the page 1 star Make the cops do real work like bring down the 340 or so dead on the road if the weren't stuffing up everyone's days with there big guns and doing nothing else if the ODT would let everyone have their say and block there comments you would see there are funny times that crash victims and in my case an amputated client at ISIS they helped us an didn't need to bring a backpack and the trained us hard every day to the point we were all brought back to live in our society in piece with others

No Busgbob you are wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong you can't check in at an airport and say anything about a sharp object, a bomb etc, there is a place and time for jokes and at a picture theatre isn't the place. Thinking there is no threat is the problem. WRT the real work for police such as the road toll again you are wrong wrong wrong wrong, Look at the big picture think out side of the square, yes the road toll might be a bigger number but has the police or press EVER once said or done a comparison to the road toll 30 years ago vs the numbers then and today with the population of NZ vs the cars on the road? Not that I'm aware I suspect they will be relative. I can't understand the rest of your comment.

Oh please made the do i need my own backpack or will ISIS supply me one when admitted to isis I did and many other isis jokes were floated around How many DISTRICT NURSES have gone out out to a job and first thing said was about ISIS joke CRAP HAPPENS FOLKS why have we turned into a society where you are to scared to say anything do anything just in case it may upset one person for a minute . Come on get your heads out of the sand get out enjoy life again i am not going to chance for others why should i have to. Someone will call the cops that's a good plan take them away from doing real work giving out tickets lol NZ Home to the panic squad and don't let anyone have fun squad

The death of free speech in New Zealand.

Its not the death of free speech anything to do with terrorism is a serious thing it is because NZ is behind the time and thinks it is exempt, plus there is a time and place good on the staff for calling the police, you can't joke at airports and neither should you be able to at a picture theatre.

You seem to be confused as to the extent of free speech allowed in New Zealand. Firstly, there is no right to freedom of speech on private property. Secondly, there is no right to freedom of speech where such speech is reasonably likely to offend.

Bushybob It is hard to make sense or your one sentence texts, but I did pick up your colour of your political stance.
You do not want a "society of labour party supporters that think their leader is doing good" ? Who are you to dictate that? Your humour obviously upsets some people but you seem immaturely immune to that just as you are blind to what society thinks and feels.

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