Wanted man hid under blanket

Blankets are great for covering a multitude of sins on the back seat of a car such as baby food and muddy dog paw prints.

But generally, they are not so good for hiding people from the police.

Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond, of Dunedin, said police were travelling in Taieri Rd, about 12.10am on Saturday, when they spotted a driver who was wanted by police.

He said the man was known to police and was a disqualified driver.

When police attempted to follow the vehicle, it "took off", so officers did not pursue.

Instead, they set up cordons in the area, he said.

A short time later, the vehicle was found empty and a police dog team was brought in to track the driver.

"But whilst that was happening, another vehicle’s come to our cordon with a female driver.

"She said she was just out for a drive.

"Police looked under the mink blanket in the back seat and discovered the 42-year-old male that we were seeking.

"Your normal back seat is fairly flat.

"It was obvious to police staff that there was someone hiding under the blanket."

Snr Sgt Bond said while the man’s car was being impounded, police conducted an inventory search of the vehicle and found a wallet and bag containing the man’s identification, as well as cannabis and methamphetamine.

The man was charged with driving while disqualified, possession of methamphetamine, possession of utensils for methamphetamine, possession for supply of cannabis plant, and two charges of failing to carry out obligations in regards to giving pass codes on cellphones.