Workshop on climate change

Renee Gordon
Renee Gordon
The need to adapt Dunedin's coastline to climate change will be discussed at a workshop in Dunedin next month.

The free full-day event, at the Long Beach Hall on September 11, would include talks by a panel of experts and a field trip, Dunedin City Council coastal parks officer Renee Gordon said in a statement.

The event was being organised by the council and the Dune Restoration Trust of New Zealand.

Speakers would include Environmental Restoration Ltd scientist Dr David Bergin, Eco Nomos Ltd director Jim Dahm and Coastline Consultants Ltd director Harley Spence, all of the North Island.

The workshop followed a report commissioned by the council and prepared by University of Otago climatologist Emeritus Prof Blair Fitzharris earlier this year, which outlined the likely impact of climate change in Dunedin.

It warned the city's leaders could face stark choices by the end of the century, with sea-level rise expected to force either the retreat from, or complete evacuation of, South Dunedin, St Kilda and St Clair.

The area was identified as one of five "hot spots", the most vulnerable areas of the city, alongside the harbourside, lower Taieri Plain - including Dunedin airport, populated estuaries along the coast, and the ecosystems of upland conservation regions.



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