Inkadies showcase John White's enduring talent

This month, John White, of seminal Dunedin fuzz-pop Mestar and the now defunct avante-pop group Cloud boy embarked on yet another national tour, this time to promote his newest solo album entitled the Inkadies.

The Inkadies could be seen as the third installment in White's otherworldly musical trilogy.

This trilogy has been in the works for a decade now, beginning with the release of Balloon Adventure in 2000 which was followed by the 2003 album, Mogwash.

The tour saw White play seven shows around New Zealand and finished in his hometown of Dunedin on the 31st with an intimate show held at the Globe Theatre.

The audience was treated to a selection of songs which spanned White's 15 year presence in the Dunedin music community, including; a very rare rendition of Love is Poison from Mestar's debut release, several songs from both BalloonAdventure and Mogwash and also Bumblebee Tree from Mestar's second full length album, Porcupine.

The Inkadies was recorded in Madison, Wisconsin by White's friend and fellow singer/songwriter Tom Hanson and features a wide array of the city's musical talent.

The album boasts chiming harmonies and dripping synth accompaniments underneath Johns dreamily relaxed vocals -

The album is available online through Monkey Reocrds, a genre-defying independent record label, founded mid-2000, and in ‘good record stores'.

The Inkadies blurs the line between lo-fi pop and folk and is definitely worth a listen if you are a fan of Ariel Pink, Jeff Mangum, Bond Street Bridge, Devendra Banhart or Akron/Family.


- Sam Longmore, Year 13, Logan Park High School

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