Global Insight: Need to negotiate with Taliban

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The international community must negotiate with the Taliban to prevent a looming humanitarian crisis within Afghanistan and to prevent Isis-K violence in the region and beyond, Professor Robert Patman says.

The University of Otago international affairs specialist made the call on Global Insight when discussing the increasingly desperate plight of ordinary Afghanis and outlining Isis K's plans for a regional caliphate.

"Groups like Isis-K have visions of building a Caliphate embracing Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of India," Prof Patman said.

"Immediately, there has to be a rethink by the international community about engaging with the Taliban government ... not to legitimize the Taliban necessarily but to help ordinary Afghans who are really the victims of this appalling situation."



The very first thing to be done would/should be to get rid of the dementia-ridden imposter who caused the present disaster.
Further, any dealings with the Taliban should be from a position of strength; never grovelling.

100% correct Peter.


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