2000 places for Kiwis in Gallipoli ballot

The Government says up to 2000 places will be open to New Zealanders to attend Anzac day at Gallipoli for the 100th anniversary in 2015.

Veterans' Affairs Minister Michael Woodhouse said a total of 10,500 passes would be available for the commemorations, with 2000 allocated to New Zealand, 8000 to Australia and 500 for official representatives from Turkey and other countries.

"The Gallipoli campaign played a significant part in the evolution of our nationhood, and Anzac Day holds a special place in New Zealanders' hearts," he said.

"The annual commemorations at Gallipoli attract a broad spectrum of New Zealanders and it's important that we uphold this tradition in 2015."

The ballot will open on November 1 this year, with results announced in April next year.

While passes would be free, those New Zealanders who were successful in the ballot will need to make their own travel arrangements and meet all their own costs, Mr Woodhouse said.

New Zealand's passes will be allocated as follows:

* 75 per cent (750 double passes/1500 places in total) by ballot for all New Zealanders (including descendants and veterans who were unsuccessful in their specific ballot).

* 10 per cent (100 double passes/200 places in total) by ballot for direct descendants of Gallipoli veterans.

* 10 per cent (100 double passes/200 places in total) by ballot for veterans of all conflicts.

* 5 per cent (100 places in total) reserved for special groups such as youth representatives and children of Gallipoli veterans.

- Kate Shuttleworth of APNZ

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