Anti-racism clashes outside parliament

A member of the National Front talks to police after being glitter bombed. Photo: NZ Herald
A member of the National Front talks to police after being glitter bombed. Photo: NZ Herald

Tensions ran high and fights came close to breaking out on the streets outside Parliament today during a clash between diversity ralliers and members of pro-white group the National Front.

Only a handful of members of the group, which preaches that diversity equals white genocide, showed up for a planned rally today.

A group of people commemorating the land wars and the signing of the declaration of independence by Maori tribes in 1835 gathered outside Parliament planning to oppose the "lies" brought by the National Front.

Police officers showed up as members of the two groups came face to face, arguing, swearing, chanting, and waving signs.

Members of the National Front stood amongst a sea of protesters, glitter flying off them in the breeze after one member of the opposing group glitterbombed then as they argued over race.

As members of the white supremacist group left the scene after about 30 minutes of arguments, hundreds of protesters followed behind them chanting "fascist scum" and "immigrants are welcome here, racists are not".

One woman followed behind calling "shame" repeatedly, in Game of Thrones fashion.

Organiser Gayaal Iddamalgoda said the protesters were promoting truth and opposing the message brought by the National Front.

"We are the ones that are promoting the truth, we don't want them to be here, they can go home."

Iddamalgoda said today's demonstration was a "declaration of Maori solidarity".

"It's very important to send this message to these fascists that they're not welcome in public spaces. They are cowardly, they attempt to promote lies at the expense of the truth, so I think it's very important that we send a very clear message that most people in this country and in the world oppose their disgusting message."

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