Firm's abusive email shocks cyclist

A cyclist who says she was cut off by an aggressive driver as she biked to work got a bigger shock when she complained to the company involved and was told to "f***k off" and "learn how to ride a f***ing bike".

Kiri Jarden, 44, wrote to Christchurch company MB Roofing to complain about what she said was the aggressive driving of one of its employees.

Ms Jarden was cycling to work on Wednesday morning and said a ute, towing a trailer, drove aggressively and too close to her.

It was not the worst driving behaviour she has encountered as a cyclist, but because the company's name was clearly visible, she decided to send a polite but direct complaint.

The response, "lol f**k off bitch, learn how to ride a f***ing bike", left her gobsmacked.

After the Herald's Sideswipe column linked to the email exchange, it was shared on social media and made TV news.

"There might be a lesson there for a business school," said Ms Jarden, an arts adviser who cycles to work each day. "That's what happens when you put silly words and profanity in writing, and not an apology. Part of me feels bad for him. I don't know his circumstances ... but this isn't smart business."

MB Roofing did not respond to messages.

Ms Jarden said she would like an apology, but also to highlight the importance of sharing the road safely.

"An apology will always be welcome, and a change in attitude towards cyclists."

- Nicholas Jones

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