Fog clears after disrupting southern flights

Fog at Dunedin and Auckland airports this morning delayed some southern domestic flights, but has now lifted.

Dunedin arrivals and departures were expected to largely return to normal this afternoon.

Air New Zealand Flight 5743 from Christchurch was scheduled to land in Dunedin at 9.35am but landed at 10.54am, and a Jetstar flight from Auckland, JQ 281, landed at 11.05am (scheduled 8.40am), the airport internet site stated.

Air New Zealand Flight 5746, bound for Christchurch, departed at 11.15am (scheduled 10.10am) and Jetstar Flight JQ 280 boarded at 11.35am for Auckland (scheduled 9.10am), the site stated.

Dunedin Airport officials confirmed in late morning that the fog had lifted, and the internet site showed few anticipated delays, with Air New Zealand Flight 675 due to arrive at 2.45pm, instead of the scheduled 2.15pm, and Flight 674  expected to return to Auckland at 3.15pm (scheduled 2.50pm).

International flights have not been affected.

Passengers should check airport websites for the latest flight information.


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