Fundraiser for sick library cat

Staff and students at Wellington's Wellington University are launching a campaign next week to pay for expensive surgery for its beloved resident library cat.

Sandy Rankine, a ginger cat, named after one of the university's founding fathers, spends his days lounging in the Kelburn campus library.

He recently underwent surgery for diabetes with vet bills in the thousands.

Library staff and the Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association (VUWSA) have organised the CatFest fundraiser concert, to be held on June 4 at the student bar.

University librarian Sue Roberts said Sandy, who had lived in the library for around 14 years, was an important member of staff.

"Many of our alumni will have fond memories of the library cat and I'm sure they would be happy to know that the cat is being well looked after."

VUWSA event coordinator Dusty McLoughlin said the students' association and library had wanted to host a joint concert for some time and thought Sandy -- well-known on campus -- would be a great cause for a fundraiser.