Gondola project mooted for Palmerston North

A project has been launched to link Palmerston North city and Massey University by gondola.

An electricity-powered gondola transport system, known as Palmylink, could deliver people between the city and campus, across the Manawatu River, in as little as nine minutes.

Palmylink would consist of up to four stations that could link with a modified urban bus network and could move up to 1500 people an hour in both directions.

The proposal was presented this week to a workshop at the Palmerston North Convention Centre, attended by representatives of Palmerston North City Council, Horizons Regional Council, Massey University, Vision Manawatu and the Chamber of Commerce.

After several years of private sector research and development, the proposal is being supported by a team of specialists in land development, transportation technology, urban design, sustainability and town planning.

Project promoters Ryan O'Connor and Murali "MG" Gopalan have said the gondola, which would cost up to $50 million to construct, would be an infrastructure investor-led project.





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