Hugh Laurie slams NZ immigration

Hugh Laurie.
Hugh Laurie.
British actor Hugh Laurie has taken a swipe at New Zealand immigration authorities for "impertinence" - but the agency says it has no record of any interaction with the star over a visa application.

The actor and musician, best known for his television role as curmudgeonly doctor House, is due to perform in New Zealand in April with his blues group the Copper Bottom Band.

He posted a triple-tweet missive aimed at Immigration New Zealand on Twitter overnight.

"The impertinence of NZ's immigration authorities is eye-watering. Will I send them personal letters as evidence of the state of my marriage," he posted.

"No I f***ing won't.

"Luckily I found this: 'dear applicant, marry me for 25 years so one day we can scam a 3 day trip to Auckland. Yours etc.' Fingers crossed!"

Immigration New Zealand area manager Michael Carley said there had been no interaction with Laurie or his wife, Jo Green, over a visa application.

"Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has checked with its offices in London and Los Angeles and there are no records to indicate that there has been any interaction with Hugh Laurie over any visa application for him or his wife.

"Although Mr Laurie needs a work visa for his planned shows in New Zealand his wife as a British citizen does not need a visitor visa if she is planning to stay here less than six months.

"It is important to stress that NZ would not require any evidence from the couple about the genuineness of their relationship as part of Mr Laurie's work visa application."

Mr Carley said INZ had now received an email from Laurie's agent in Australia requesting information about the visa application process for him to come to New Zealand.

"The requested information about the cost and process was duly provided and an application from Mr Laurie will be processed in the usual way."

Laurie's band is due to perform at The Civic in Auckland on April 15 and the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington on April 16.

He had earlier spoken of his excitement at coming to New Zealand.

"We're all thrilled to be coming to New Zealand to perform. I love the country, and the band loves air miles. We're going to put on a terrific show. I might wear a kilt," he said.


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