Kiwis set for nationwide petrol boycott

Disgruntled Kiwis are set to take a stand against the petrol industry and the Government over petrol prices, with plans to boycott all petrol stations around the country.

A Facebook event has been created encouraging the public to avoid filling up from all petrol stations on October 26.

So far more than 6500 people have committed to the boycott with another 10,000 showing their interest in making a stand.

"It's time for the people of NZ to take a stand against our petrol industry in NZ," the event creator wrote. 

"No petrol station to be entered on the above dates."

The event creator says the petrol increases are affecting everyone around the country and they expect the impact to be felt long term.

The organisers have pointed the finger at the Government saying the rise in prices is "unjustified".

"The Government and the big petrol companies both have the power to do something about this.

"This event is about standing united against these unjustified increases.

"Many have suggested this is not enough, but it is a start and with over 10K interested it will make an impact. If you are able to, may you also consider refraining from entering a petrol station all of the weekend. But definitely no petrol on the event date."

Last week, petrol prices nationwide increased by 3.5 cents a litre as a new fuel excise tax came...
Last week, petrol prices nationwide increased by 3.5 cents a litre as a new fuel excise tax came into effect. Photo: NZ Herald

Others have suggested specifically boycotting Z Energy, which the New Zealand Superannuation Fund owns a small amount of, between October 7 and October 13 in the hope it will reduce the company's recorded $263 million profit.

Last week, petrol prices nationwide increased by 3.5 cents a litre as a new fuel excise tax came into effect.

Transport Minister Phil Twyford flagged increases of between 3c a litre and 4c for each of the next three years to fund transport plans such as light rail from the CBD to Auckland Airport, according to information the Herald obtained under the Official Information Act in June.

The impact of these increases has seen the petrol price in some parts of the country creep over $2.50 per litre for 91.

The latest tax follows the introduction of a regional fuel tax, which saw the price of fuel jump 11.5 cents a litre in Auckland in July.

The bumper petrol prices and the already high cost of living are making it difficult for some New Zealand families, National Party leader Simon Bridges said.

"New Zealanders are already paying record prices for petrol, with the national fuel price at $2.44 a litre for 91, around half of which is already tax. That follows the Government adding another 4 cents per litre of tax on petrol overnight.

"And that's just the first of three 4 cent hikes plus the likelihood Auckland's 11.5 cents per litre regional fuel tax will soon be rolled out around the rest of the country.

"Under this Government petrol prices have increased by 38 cents, meaning it now costs Kiwis an extra $20 each time they fill up their cars."



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