New Zealand youth joins climate change demo

A large New Zealand sail featuring messages of young kiwis for world leaders discussing climate change in Denmark will be carried by a New Zealand youth delegation during a massive protest in Copenhagen tomorrow (NZT).

The March for Climate Justice demonstration will call for strong action on climate change from the UN COP15 negotiations.

"The 10x6m spinnaker kindly gifted to us by Team New Zealand carries the voices of hundreds of young Kiwis from all over the country, which we have proudly taken with us to Copenhagen," said Zachary Dorner, a 20-year-old delegate from Wellington.

"It will be a great visual symbol to stamp our voice on the negotiations and signify the urgent need for an agreement."

Mr Dorner said it was important to show the world that the New Zealand public supported much deeper cuts to New Zealand's emissions than the Government was proposing.

"The emission's reduction target should be in line with the 40 percent by 2020 we believe is necessary to avert dangerous climate change.

"We just hope John Key listens to us, listens to the science, listens to the economics, listens to the rest of the world and changes our position by 2020. The current highly conditional 10-20 percent target is simply not good enough.

"It's not too late, but the clock is almost at midnight."

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