Passenger dies on Air NZ flight

A passenger has died while on board an Air New Zealand flight to the United States, the company says.

The flight, NZ2 landed in Los Angeles on July 4, after leaving Auckland.

A coroner was called and normal processes were followed, a spokeswoman said.

She was not sure how long into the flight the death occurred.

Sergeant Karla Ortiz from Los Angeles International Airport police said the woman who died was aged in her 50s.

It was not known if she was a New Zealander.

"There was CPR conducted and around 3 o'clock, LA time, [the airline] requested the Coroner and the LAPD to respond."

The coroner had now taken over the case because there no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death, Ms Ortiz said.

Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Mike Richards said overseas authorities would be involved in the incident considering it happened offshore.

However, Air New Zealand would also need to contact the CAA about the death, he said.

"Incidents and accidents, and that's an incident, need to be reported to us within 14 days, so I'm imagining Air New Zealand - as a normal course of business - will report that to us."

It did not sound as if there was a problem with the aircraft that would concern the CAA, Mr Richards said.

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