Post-quake boom for sex workers

Christchurch's prostitutes have been run off their feet in the wake of last month's deadly earthquake, as out-of-town earthquake relief workers seek their own relief. 

Sex worker Candice, 24, said she had been busier than ever servicing search-and-rescue staff, builders, and even two New South Wales police officers, The Press reported.

She had made an average of $700 a night since returning two nights after the February 22 quake and on her best night she had made $1400, she said.

"In three years, I've never made this much before. The foreign ones are the best -- they pay the most."

Another sex worker, Mary, who lost her house in the quake, said she had also been very busy.

"It's their way of dealing with it. If they can get some relief, I think there's nothing wrong with that."

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