Review of school lockdowns in wake of attack

Police imposed a city-wide lockdown in Christchurch last Friday. Photo: AP
Police imposed a city-wide lockdown in Christchurch last Friday. Photo: AP
The Ministry of Education is to review the process of school lockdowns in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack.

Ministry of Education sector enablement and support deputy secretary Katrina Casey said children's safety and wellbeing were paramount and it was very important New Zealand schools were able to protect their children.

"When police imposed a city-wide lockdown in Christchurch last Friday, our schools, kura and early learning centres did the best job they could of keeping their children safe, in very challenging circumstances.

"Because this lockdown was for a significant period of time, covered a large area of a major city, affected a very large number of families, and occurred at a time of uncertainty about the nature of the events that were unfolding, it is even more important than usual that we undertake a review of all aspects of the lockdown.''

She said the review would be done in conjunction with police and principals' associations, and the views of parents would be sought as well.

"We expect the review will help inform appropriate advice to all schools and early learning centres.''

The review would begin on April 2 and was expected to take at least two weeks to complete.

"We are also mindful that the term break will shortly occur and we need to ensure everyone who wants to have input, can do so.''

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