Road rage: Cyclist lashes out, bashes driver's window

Shocking footage has emerged of a Christchurch cyclist abusing a female driver and bashing her car window.

According to a witness the cyclist was attempting to go around a bus when he was cut off by a car, causing the cyclist to rage.

"The cyclist signalled to go around a bus, then the green car crossed the centre line to get around but then suddenly cut right across the cyclist nearly hitting him," the witness told the New ZealandĀ Herald.

As traffic ground to a halt, the cyclist is seen approaching the green car before attempting to pull the door handle and hurling abuse towards the female driver.

But after not getting a response from the driver, he begins to lash out.

Footage captured by a witness shows the cyclist then furiously thumping his fists on the car window four times before riding off in frustration.

The incident happened on Gloucester Street in Christchurch at 8am this morning.

The witness told the Herald he was "surprised" at the cyclist's response.

"The car did get very close to him but he probably didn't need to react the way he did."


What an inappropriate reaction to dodgy driving of the type that on other occasions has ended MUCH worse for the cyclist involved, and then lacking the guts to face up to it. Shocking indeed. What was the guy on the bike thinking.

Typical reaction from an entitled cyclist (note, not all are), they get cycle lanes built for them and this is how some of them repay that favour.