Teen jailed for importing meth

A Canadian teenager has been jailed for nine years for importing almost $2 million worth of methamphetamine in supplement containers.

Kionie Downing, 19, was sentenced in the Auckland District Court for importing and possessing methamphetamine, a Class A controlled drug.

Customs officers arrested Downing in August after intercepting a package sent from Canada containing four containers labelled as muscle-building supplements.

The package was inspected by Customs officers at the International Mail Centre, and tests showed a positive result for methamphetamine, or P.

At the Auckland hostel where Downing was staying, officers also found digital scales, drug paraphernalia, and more than $4000 cash.

The cash was seized and the drugs will be destroyed, Customs said.

Investigations Manager Maurice O'Brien said the street value and potential harm of the drugs was immense.

"Customs will do everything we can to sever the supply chain at the border and stop these harmful drugs from reaching our streets."