Anti-whaling groups to march on Parliament

Greenpeace anti-whaling protesters gather at Parliament
Greenpeace anti-whaling protesters gather at Parliament
Anti-whaling groups will present a 45,000-signature petition to the Government today urging protection of the future of the world’s whale population.

The “save the whales” rally will involve groups such as Greenpeace, Forest and Bird, Whale and the Dolphin Conservation Society marching on Parliament with the intention of presenting the petition to Foreign Minister Murray McCully.

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) is considering an international proposal which could allow for some legitimate commercial whaling in areas including the Southern Ocean.

Mr McCully has indicated the Government’s disappointment at progress being made through the IWC towards the goals of anti-whaling countries to eliminate whaling.

Australia recently initiated legal action in the International Court of Justice over Japan’s current Southern Ocean whaling activities.

New Zealand is still trying to achieve its goals through diplomatic means but has not ruled out joining Australia if no adequate progress can be made.

The IWC meets in Morocco from June 20 where the future of the organisation is expected to be discussed, along with international whaling proposals.

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