'Make more info available': Curran

Clare Curran.
Clare Curran.
Politicians should have a code of ethics and greater checks and balances to ensure they were as transparent as possible with the public, Labour Party open-government spokeswoman Clare Curran said yesterday.

Commenting to the Otago Daily Times about the Government inquiry into whether former justice minister Judith Collins undermined the director of the Serious Fraud Office,

Ms Curran said one important issue was the timely release of information.

Prime Minister John Key had taken several weeks to take action on Ms Collins' alleged involvement in leaking information to bloggers.

''It's OK talking about open government but you have to demonstrate it. One way to do that is the proactive release of information.''

It was revealed at the weekend that Ms Collins turned around an Official Information Act (OIA) request in just a few days to a right-wing blogger.

Ms Curran said the selective release of information was wrong.

The Dunedin South MP asked all National Party ministers and government departments several questions regarding OIA requests - such as how many they received, how many were complied with, the timeframes for responses, the amount of extensions and number of denials.

''Some ministers refused to answer me. Several showed it took to the last minute before the responses were extended out.

''We have to make more information readily available to the public.''

Some information had to be carefully assessed before being made public but most information should be made available, she said.

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