NZ First will put up a Tauranga candidate: Peters

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says his party is going to campaign nationwide in next year's election - and put up a candidate in Tauranga.

Mr Peters held Tauranga from 1984 to 2005, when he lost it to National.

"We're organising right across the country, we've got meetings all over New Zealand and we've got months to build up," he said today on the Sunlive website.

Mr Peters said people were soon going to realise the Government's policy of "borrow and hope" wasn't going to work.

"Just one more economic blip on the horizon and all those calculations are going to be massively out," he said.

Mr Peters confirmed New Zealand First would choose a candidate to fight the Tauranga seat "in good time".

Mr Peters spoke at a public meeting in Tauranga yesterday, saying nothing in last week's Budget would help the young or the old.

It was familiar territory for Mr Peters, who has consistently campaigned for the Grey Power vote and brought in the SuperGold Card when he was in government with Labour.

"Elderly people have made their contribution, they are entitled to some comfort and peace of mind. Why should they be worrying how to make ends meet?" he said at yesterday's meeting.

He accused the Government of readying the country for the opening up of "A Pandora's Box of privatisation of publicly-owned assets" and said its tactics were obvious - most would end up in foreign hands and there would be even more immigrants.






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