Q & A: Kim Dotcom

Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom answers Shawn McAvinue's questions before tonight's Party Party event in Dunedin's 10Bar.

What is the Party Party?
A big night of fun inspired by getting out the youth vote at the election this September.

Is it more of a music event or a political event?
It's definitely more of a musical event. No political speeches! I just want to party with the people, listen to cool New Zealand music and make new friends.

Will political talk spoil the party atmosphere?
Absolutely not. I've been waiting for this opportunity since the unfortunate circumstances that led to the cancellation of the Party Party at Vector Arena earlier this year. We had 19,000 registrations for that event. Also, who says politics can't be fun? That's one of the cool things about The Internet Party - we're serious about politics, but we have a good time doing it.

Can you describe your music for the people of Dunedin?
Good times!

What dance move is best suited to your music?
The Superman or any super hero move.

What is on your backstage rider?

How big is the entourage you are bringing?
I'm not sure.

What do you know about Dunedin?
There's an amazing student culture, you have an Octagon and apparently the street layout is the same as Edinburgh. Oh, and it's really warm down there, right?

What will you be doing in the city before the event?
I hope to visit the university and see the city.

What does the Internet Party offer voters in Otago?
A change of government and a new sense of optimism. We will stop spying on citizens, bring in high-tech jobs and focus on faster cheaper internet. The current Government has no vision for the future. We have a vision for a bold new digital New Zealand.

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