Taito Philip Field's trial delayed

The trial of former MP Taito Phillip Field has been delayed after seven jurors were discharged before the trial began.

Twelve people were empanelled onto the jury yesterday to hear the case against Field, who faces 12 charges of bribery and corruption as an MP and 23 charges of perverting the course of justice.

But five of the women and two of the men who were empanelled yesterday today raised reasons why they could not sit on the jury for the three-month trial, and all were discharged by Justice Rodney Hansen.

Justice Hansen said there were insufficient members of the jury pool present today for seven new members to be empanelled, so a further attempt to do so will be made tomorrow morning.

The bribery and corruption charges against Field allege he had Thai nationals carry out work on a number of his properties in return for immigration assistance.

The charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice were laid after Field allegedly made false statements to a government-ordered inquiry carried out by Noel Ingram QC into the corruption allegations.

He is also alleged to have procured false documents and encouraged others to make false statements to the Ingram inquiry.

Originally a Labour MP, Field was expelled from the Labour Party in 2007. He continued to represent Mangere as an independent MP.

He lost the seat to Labour at last year's election.

Among the 50 crown witnesses set to be called are Labour MP Ross Robertson and Mr Ingram.


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