Australian 'fought for al-Qaeda in Syria'

The Australian man who was killed in Syria last week was allegedly fighting for al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra, media reports say.

Yusuf Ali and his wife Amira Ali from Granville in Sydney were killed in the war-torn country amid infighting between rebel forces.

Court documents filed late last month allege Mr Ali was in Syria to "engage in hostile activity", the ABC reported on Thursday.

It is alleged that a Sydney man helped Mr Ali enter Syria "with the intent to engage in a hostile activity, in particular engaging in armed hostilities".

An unnamed friend of the couple, who were both 22, has reportedly told the ABC that before Mr Ali left for Syria last year he had said he was going to fight alongside al-Qaeda.

Mr Ali also reportedly told friends that he would not be returning to Australia or the United States, were it is reported that he was born.

Following their death, tributes to the pair on Facebook claimed they had been "martyred".

"Please everyone make dua for my sister Amira Ali and brother Inlaw Yusuf. They hav been martyred," a post from Saturday on the Mujahidah Lioness page states.

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