New year heralds 'new era in international relations'

The world needs new ways to deal with the three big issues it faces in 2023, argues Professor Robert Patman.

"We are moving in to a new era in international relations," the University of Otago international relations specialist told Global Insight.

"All of these problems - in the economy, conflict and climate - are too big for any one country to solve on their own."

Prof Patman believes the world will have to develop trans-state institutions and processes for effective, co-ordinated, global responses.

"The question is, how quickly do we embrace it? Or do we do it in a grudging, piece-meal fashion?"

Prof Patman also addressed the likely effect of Japan’s enormous debt levels - which he described as a "time bomb" - on international affairs; the significance of an opinion shift by Western countries, more of whom now believe Ukraine can defeat Russia’s invasion; and, the growing pressure on rich countries to compensate poorer nations most affected by climate change. 

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