Some concepts to tackle

A tackle in Pirates' twenty-five. Otago Witness, 3.6.1924
A tackle in Pirates' twenty-five. Otago Witness, 3.6.1924
The tackle rule is one that lends itself to considerable argument, and for the benefit of a correspondent I give three examples of it. (1) A player is grasped by an opponent and is brought to the ground but is not sufficiently held to prevent him passing the ball. He may pass the ball whether it has touched the ground or not, provided it is done immediately. (2) When a player is grasped and brought down by an opponent and the ball touches the ground but the player is not sufficiently held to prevent him lifting the ball and placing it over the line a try should be allowed, provided it is done immediately. (3) When a player running for the line is grasped by an opponent and brought down, the ball touching the ground outside the line, but player and ball slide over the line, a try should be allowed. — by ‘Full Back’

Another way to get UE

Wellington, May 14: At the annual meeting of the Secondary Schools’ Association it was resolved that the Minister and the Department of Education and the University Senate should be asked to take the necessary steps to bring about the early application of the accrediting system as an alternative to matriculation.

Boiling over the road

The Hospital Committee recommends that a reply be sent to the Director-general regarding his inquiries as to the suggested purchase of properties in Cumberland street as follows: Is it intended to remove the whole of the steam plant, laundry etc, and re-erect same on the land it is proposed to purchase? — Yes. In the event of this proposal being carried out, how is it proposed to supply steam to the Hospital buildings? — By underground pipes across Cumberland street if the department and engineer consider this feasible.

NZ Olympians selected

Mr A.E. Porritt, who is at present a Rhodes scholar in England, will be manager of the New Zealand Olympic team, as well as a competitor on behalf of the dominion. The other members of the team will be Miss G. Shand and E.C. Herd (swimming) and C. Purdy (boxing). Miss Shand will compete in the 100 and 400 metres. It is expected that the members of the team will compete at the Empire Games in London.

Paintings on display

A small selection of oil and water colour paintings by the Dunedin artist, Mr A.H. Dunstan, is at present on exhibition at Messrs J. Samson and Co’s auction rooms. The pictures are practically all of scenes in and about the city. An oil, "Sunny St Clair," shows painstaking care on the part of the artist, and it is one of the best pictures in the selection. A panoramic view of the city and the harbour, views of Anderson's Bay and Tomahawk, the head of an old man — a picture which shows strength and character — and other subjects all demonstrate the artist’s thoroughness in his work.

Possum season a day early

The season for the taking and killing of opossums in Otago and Southland will open on Saturday, May 31. It closes on June 30. A bona-fide occupier of land or one son or daughter of his may kill opossums on that land during the season without a licence, but everyone else must have a licence to kill. A new regulation requires anyone intending to take or kill opossums on his own land must first notify the secretary of the Acclimatisation Society of his intention to do so,. — ODT, 15.5.1924

Compiled by Peter Dowden