Aussies singing praises of Dunstan's choir

Dunstan High School's Dunstanza choir  performs at the Melbourne Eisteddfod last week. Photo by...
Dunstan High School's Dunstanza choir performs at the Melbourne Eisteddfod last week. Photo by Matthew Jones.

The audience could not get enough of them.

Other choirs gave them a standing ovation.

They were asked to give extra performances, worked with some of the best, and received awards.

Dunstan High School's choir, Dunstanza, made its supporters proud at the Melbourne Eisteddfod singing competition and Melbourne International Singers' Festival last week.

After taking two first places and two seconds during the Eisteddfod, the group was asked to act as demonstration choir for expert conductors, and to sing in front of 1000 people at a public performance.

Conductor John Buchanan said the pupils performed ''incredibly well'' in front of the Melbourne crowd.

''The kids were just amazing. The audience did not want them to leave the stage. They just kept clapping and clapping for three or four minutes.''

As the pupils left, they passed through other choirs who had been listening, and who stood to clap them as they walked past.

''I had a couple of Australian composers come up and ask if they could write works for the choir,'' Mr Buchanan said.

''I'm absolutely proud. They conducted themselves really well.''

The 50-strong group and accompanying adults spent the week in Melbourne, where the pupils competed against international choirs and took part in workshops to improve their singing.

The choir flew back into Queenstown yesterday on their journey home.

Dunstan High School principal Brent Russell said he was ''absolutely delighted'' with the choir's performance.

''We are all very proud with how well they have done. They worked very, very hard and practised twice a week for most the year.

''John Buchanan and Bronwyn [Barnes], the accompanist, they have been there every step of the way preparing the kids.

''What's so gratifying is so many people have heard of their success. It's a really feel-good factor for the whole area.''

What is next for the choir?

School today, Mr Russell said.

''We will be thrilled to see them ... depends how exhausted they are.

''We'll make a fuss of them.''

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