Dalek exterminates rivals

Don Henderson pushes the Dalek florrey entry he and his son Shaun (13, inside operating the head)...
Don Henderson pushes the Dalek florrey entry he and his son Shaun (13, inside operating the head) created for the Blossom Festival Grand Parade on Saturday. Photo by Gregor Richardson.
''Exterminate, exterminate.''

Any Dr Who fans at the Blossom Festival Grand Parade on Saturday would have been running for cover as Shaun and father Don Henderson's entry in the Florrey section came rolling down Centennial Ave.

Their entry, a Dalek titled ''Exterminate'', was real enough to fool all but the Time Lord himself, and convinced judges to award them first place in the family category.

The Florreys - a small, pushable combination of a shopping trolley and a float - were a new category in the parade this year.

Shaun (13) said he was inspired by the long-running television show Dr Who, of which he was a ''huge''fan.

''I thought it would look really cool if I made a Dalek [a type of alien cyborg race] I could get inside and operate for everyone to see.

''We [my father and I] had made a part of it before we entered. It took maybe about two weeks. I worked really hard on it''

Creating the outside and decorations were the most challenging, while his father helped with creating the frame, ideas, and collecting parts for it, he said.

Winning was an amazing feeling.

''I was so surprised because there were so many other entries.''

He said he would ''probably'' enter again, as it was fun showing people what he was capable of constructing.

The florrey was not the only piece of handiwork Shaun had produced, he said. Sitting at home on the porch was a life-sized moving robot.

''It's definitely a hobby of mine [building things] ... It's basically what I do when I'm bored - I get out there and build stuff.''

Attracting about 27 entries, the florreys included creations such as a squadron of fighter planes, a tank, and a tractor.

Valley Play Group won the best overall florrey and best school, Sticks 'N' Stones best original theme, Alexandra Scouts best community group, Seasonal Solutions best business house and best sport went to Alexandra Petanque.


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