Hall given new life across town

The Cromwell Memorial Hall has been knocked down. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
The Cromwell Memorial Hall has been knocked down. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
The Cromwell Memorial Hall has gone but parts of it will live on.

The old hall, which is to be replaced by a new $45million centre, has come down quickly, after a official closing ceremony in April.

During the design process, several elements of the hall were identified for a second life, to minimise waste and maximise the reuse of materials for the community, Central Otago District Council property and facilities manager Garreth Robinson said in a release this week.

"As the old hall makes way for new developments, the spirit of Cromwell Memorial Hall will live on through these sustainable practices," he said.

Anyone who had been to an event at the old hall would remember the sprung floor — the type that provides some degree of bounce and flexes under impact, loved by sports people, dancers and performers.

"The community have repeatedly talked of the importance of the flooring and asked that it be reused in the new building.

"A portion of the sprung flooring has been removed in panels and the intention is to soak the timber so it is softened to be reused, providing an excellent floor surface while preserving a piece of history."

Many of the old theatre-style seats have already found new homes throughout Cromwell giving recipients a piece of Cromwell history of their own.

The sing-a-longs will continue with the old piano having been donated to the Fine Thyme Theatre Group.

Another piano from the hall, has been lodged with a Cromwell resident.

The old roof will continue to give shelter. About 10 tonnes of roofing sheets have been salvaged and donated to the Old Cromwell Heritage Society. Efforts are under way to repurpose as much of the hall’s schist cladding as possible.

The fire doors have been diverted to the Frankton Fire Station for training exercises.

Trees removed from the site will produce about seven tonnes of firewood, which will be shared between the Cromwell Town & Country Club and the local community.

The total weight of materials salvaged and diverted from landfill is about 18,720kg — with the addition of 200kg for another piano, which has also found a new home.