Poison programme at hospital

Dunstan Hospital is ramping up its rabbit control measures beginning this week.

Rabbits have had the Clyde hospital on the hop recently as rabbit holes and rabbit droppings had been found on hospital grounds.

Earlier this week, the Southern District Health Board announced on its Facebook page a fortnightly poison-baiting programme would be implemented on hospital grounds, beginning tomorrow.

The initial programme would continue for four months and would be followed by a monthly baiting plan.

The Otago Regional Council's rabbit management policy sets out responsibility of rabbit control on landowners.

The hospital is owned by the Southern DHB.

Bait stations would be set on the side and back of the hospital ground boundaries and signs pointing out dangers would be in place.

In the post, the board warned residents to keep children and pets clear of the bait stations.

Last month, former Otago regional councillor Gerry Eckhoff said the rabbit problem at Dunstan Hospital exemplified a failure of the regional council's pest control policies.


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