Power outage investigation continues

A sign on a shop window in Alexandra shows customers it is closed due to the power outage,...
A sign on a shop window in Alexandra shows customers it is closed due to the power outage, January 19. PHOTO: ODT FILES
Investigations into multiple power outages that left thousands in Central Otago without power for hours are continuing.

Lines company Aurora Energy has advised customers that drones with cameras will be flying along the main electricity lines between Clyde and Alexandra as part of the investigation into the unplanned outages on January 19 and 23.

Aurora has not yet found a cause for the power outages on January 19 and 23, which each affected the same 8000-odd customers from Clyde to Beaumont and St Bathans.

On February 9 power was out for customers in parts of Alexandra and as far as Lauder for up to 10 hours at some properties.

Then on February 11 there were 430 customers from Beaumont to Ettrick without power for more than two hours on a chilly morning with snow on the hills in the area.

Aurora Energy network operations general manager Matt Settle said during the January 23 outage the primary protection system did not operate as planned, causing a trip to both lines and loss of supply to all customers.

The protection settings had been corrected and tested, Mr Settle said at the time.

Aurora Energy’s social media post informing residents about the survey said the drone would be flying all week.

The drone would hover near powerlines and take pictures.

The camera on it would not look at buildings or through windows, the post said.