School review finds no issue

The Tarras School board of trustees is happy with the outcome of an independent review into the departure of some families from the school last year, and wants to put the matter behind it, chairman Lachy Brett says.

The board commissioned a review after some families withdrew their children from the school towards the end of the 2012 school year, ''so we had the information that was needed to investigate their concerns'', Mr Brett said.

''There was just a small group of people who were unsatisfied with some of the personnel that were at the school.''

He could not say how many children were involved and whether they had all been taken away from the school for the same reasons, as some families had moved out of the area, which may have been a factor.

Mr Brett said the review was carried out by Mike Allison, a commissioner for the Ministry of Education, who ''seems to think that there's no evidence at all that there was any problems with the personnel''.

He declined to provide a copy of Mr Allison's report, which he said was private.

A notice in this month's Tarras Talk community newsletter advised the full report would be made available for interested members of the community to read, by appointment, in the school library this Wednesday and Thursday evening.

It also included an excerpt from the report, which read: ''While understanding the concerns of the disaffected parents and respectful of their right to make decisions in the best interests of their children, this report finds insufficient documented evidence to investigate their concerns further.

''Rather, the recognised professional assessments of principal performance, the current ERO report, the current Principal Appraisal and the results of the school's National Standards, tell a different story, as do the substantial number of the principal's supporters.''

The school's principal is Noelene Pullar, who has been in the role since 1989.

''Fortunately, and without apportioning any right or wrong to the actions of any in the community, this crisis may have resolved itself,'' Mr Allison added.

Mr Brett said the school roll was higher now than it was before the issues were raised.


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