Unknown if building will reopen as pub

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps
Clyde's pub of more than 100 years shut its doors indefinitely this week, although its new owners are undecided on its future.

Clyde's sole pub, the Dunstan Hotel, closed on Wednesday night after the building was sold.

The purchase of the building on Sunderland St has upset many Clyde residents, who have spoken out on social media about their concerns the business would not continue as a pub.

About 15 staff were employed by the hotel, including two who worked fulltime.

Kevin Gallagher had owned the hotel for three years and confirmed to the Otago Daily Times last month he had sold it to Timeless Land Investments Ltd.

Settlement is scheduled for May 1.

Philippa Thomson is the sole director of the company and also runs Cycle Surgery Rail Trail Ltd, in Middlemarch.

Ms Thomson confirmed she had purchased the pub but would not shed any light on the future of the building.

"We're still working on plans at the moment," she said. "We haven't finalised anything."

She would not comment as to whether another pub was a possibility.

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