Charity walk: Puss in Boots move over

Photo by Sarah Marquet.
Photo by Sarah Marquet.
Walking all the way around the South Island with a dog wearing shoes is proving a novel way to raise money for the Cancer Society.

Mike Butler and his Border collie Rapid (right) - accompanied in the photo by occasional companion kelpie Ella - journeyed from Queenstown to Cromwell yesterday. 

Looking chirpy considering it was the 44th day of his hike, Mr Butler (59) said he had knocked off "1500km roughly" of his 2325km trek to raise money for the Cancer Society. He aims to raise $10 for every kilometre walked.

Six-year-old Rapid wears special shoes on his back feet to protect from "stone-bruising - if we put them on his front feet, he gets cross". Ella, who turns 12 today, walks "what she feels like".

Mr Butler had blisters earlier in the week, mentally "crashed" and fell behind schedule so was driven for 20km yesterday, but will "go back and walk them later".

Today, he will trek from Cromwell to Alexandra. He started the trek on August 10 and expects to finish on October 17. He has a rest day every four days.

Donations can be made through or through the National Bank or ANZ.


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