Caravan gas alert

Caravan users are being warned to check caravan gas appliances, after a fire reduced a caravan at a Lake Aviemore campsite to a ''pile of ash'' yesterday.

Fire engines from the Otematata and Kurow Volunteer Fire Brigades were called to attend to a caravan fire at the Parsons Rock campsite at 2.40pm, and Otematata Volunteer Fire Brigade Chief Fire Officer Mike Thomas said it was the third fire believed to have been started by gas in the past two weeks.

Firefighters spent about half an hour tackling the blaze, believed to have started from a gas fridge, he said.

''It's the third gas fire, believed started by gas, that we have had in the last couple of weeks.''

He reminded people to check gas bottles and O-rings on gas bottles, to ensure safety.

The caravan being used by the family, who were outside at the time of the fire, burned to the ground, he said.

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