Crackdown on parking

Ruth Perham
Ruth Perham
Sports fans have been warned their vehicles could be towed away if they block driveways around Oamaru's Centennial Park.

They have been urged by Oamaru police to show more consideration around Centennial Park, after angry residents complained to police they were being hemmed in by parked cars during weekend rugby and hockey matches.

Acting Sergeant Ruth Perham said "a lot" of cars had been parked around the side streets close to the sports park, where hockey and rugby games are played on Saturdays.

"It is becoming a problem. Some people are parking across people's driveways."

She said one elderly resident waited for two hours last week for a motorist to remove a car from in front of his driveway, and added that police would tow away any further vehicles that caused disruption this weekend.

"Police will be actively patrolling in the area to ensure people are parking properly."



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