Govt funds will help to curb graffiti

Waitaki community safety officer Alison Banks has been granted $20,000 in government funding to develop and implement a graffiti eradication and education programme.

The project, which will focus on restoration, education and prevention, is expected to be operating by the end of next month.

It is an opportunity to fully develop the graffiti project which has been planned for more than a year.

Oamaru police intelligence staff and the Waitaki District Council have been collecting data on graffiti and will develop a profile database of the tagging and taggers.

The funding will be used to remove graffiti from public places including the Severn St and lower Thames St bridges.

Lighting will be reinstated under one of the bridges.

A graffiti policy pack will be developed and offered to businesses that sell spray cans.

Graffiti removal packs will be available to the community to report on and remove graffiti.

The council had a 24-hour removal policy and worked with Whitestone Contracting Ltd and the Community Clean Up project to meet that target, Mrs Banks said.


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