Hopes for balloon record

Eugen Dupu is hoping to establish a world record by having at least 10,000 inflated balloons in...
Eugen Dupu is hoping to establish a world record by having at least 10,000 inflated balloons in the Scout Den at Weston next month. Photo by Sally Rae.
Blowing up 10,000 balloons on a Friday night might not be everyone's idea of fun - but Eugen Dupu is excited about the prospect.

Mr Dupu and his wife Esther are organising The Balloon Night - an event for young people which they hope will also establish a world record.

They plan to fill the Scout Den at Weston with at least 10,000 balloons on December 5 and have been in touch with Guinness World Records.

Yesterday, Mr Dupu said the idea came from a friend in Gore and while it was an unusual idea, he liked unusual ideas.

"It gives kids hope and something to do and something to look forward to," he said.

Mr and Mrs Dupu lead Main Street Youth Weston, a youth group which meets regularly at the Scout Den.

Their goal is to help young people understand they can have plenty of fun without bad habits or bad behaviour.

Mr Dupu has been in contact with Guinness World Records and hops to hear back in the next couple of weeks on whether the balloon bid has qualified as a world record attempt.

Even if it did not qualify, he still intended going ahead.

The event will start at 6pm and Mr Dupu hoped it would not take more than three hours to blow up the balloons.

Air compressors and pumps would be used.

Blowing the balloons up using old-fashioned puff was not an option, he said, laughing.

He expected between 25 and 30 young people from Main Street Youth Weston and 10-15 from a Papakaio-based youth group would be involved.

Businesses were being approached to sponsor the event, either by providing balloons or money to pay for helium.


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