Pohutukawa trees likely replacement for felled sycamores in Tyne St

The Waitaki District Council has put plans to remove nine trees at the edge of Oamaru Harbour in...
The sycamore trees in Tyne St in Oamaru that have since been removed and are likely to be replaced by pohutukawa. PHOTO: HAMISH MACLEAN
Pohutukawa trees in planter boxes could replace the sycamores the Waitaki District Council removed in Tyne St earlier this year.

All nine sycamore trees in a Tyne St road reserve at Oamaru Harbour were expected to suffer significant damage in the realignment of a large stormwater main, following the closure of Arun St and the development of new accommodation in a Waterfront Rd and Tyne St site the council sold last year.

They were felled in March after councillors temporarily halted council staff plans, requiring a landscaping plan to replace the trees.

The recommended plan, going to the council's assets committee on Tuesday, would cost $25,000.

The council had provided neighbours of the site with information about the plan.

Some Tyne St residents called the removal of the sycamore trees "eco-destruction" at the time.

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