Special stadium charge

Waimate district rates could rise by just under 4.3% but residents could also have to pay a hefty special charge on top of that to fund the redevelopment of the town's sports stadium.

The Waimate District Council's 2014-15 draft annual plan states the overall rate increase, made up of a general rate increase of 1.69% and a targeted increase of 9.08%, was forecast to be 4.29%.

Waimate Mayor Craig Rowley said the overall rate increase was slightly lower than forecast in the 2012-22 Long Term Plan, due to ''across the board savings'', and savings in staff costs and the use of All-of-Government purchasing contracts.

''It should be noted that the 4.29% increase is inclusive of an effective 0.4% increase for the stadium proposal that was not provided for in the Long Term Plan.

''Additionally, general rates are increasing by only 1.69% and the majority of the 4.29% increase is being borne by specific users of services.''

He said it was also proposed the annual plan include a charge per SUIP (Separately Used or Inhabited Part) to find the $3.5 million to $3.8 million expected to be needed to upgrade the former drill hall into a modern sports facility.

He said the council had forecast that ''the worst-case scenario'' for ratepayers, if no external funding was available, would result in the Waimate Stadium targeted rate increasing by $10.21 per SUIP to almost $33 in the 2014/15 rating year and by a further $55.09 in the 2015/16 year to a total of $88.

The SUIP rate would include any residential unit that consisted of a single self-contained housekeeping unit.

However, throughout the consultation process, the council would continue to review all ratepayer-funding options, as well as attracting community and external funding, he said.

''The stadium is open for consultation and depending on ratepayer feedback, council may consider variations to the SUIP basis.''

Public submissions on the draft annual plan close on April 1.


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