Early days for rental car blacklist

No tourist drivers have so far been banned from hiring another vehicle in Queenstown under a new information sharing network, dubbed a blacklist, that has begun in the resort.

The trial initiative, announced in January, sees rental car companies communicate information about tourist drivers deemed dangerous. This information sharing prevents the highest risk drivers hiring another vehicle.

Previously, tourist drivers deemed unsafe could have their rental car contracts cancelled, but nothing stopped them hiring a vehicle from another company.

Mr Kidd told the Otago Daily Times about 60% of the Queenstown operators had signed up for the trial - about 12 companies - with ''a couple more'' looking to come on board.

He believed the results so far were indicative of the ''down season'' and expected the network to be tested once the ski season began.

''[We are] yet to know how effective it is ... We'll be following up with operators in a couple of weeks to see if there have been any incidents they should have put on it [the network] but they haven't - we suspect it's just the down season and that's the issue.''

Mr Kidd said the information was shared via email. The effectiveness of that would be discussed with operators during the trial, which is expected to last between three and six months.



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