Submitters in support

An artist's impression of the planned Frankton Marina. Image supplied.
An artist's impression of the planned Frankton Marina. Image supplied.

The proposed Frankton Marina has received a predominantly positive reaction from submitters to a resource consent application.

Submissions on Lakes Marina Projects Ltd's proposal for a 195-berth marina and associated development closed last week after attracting about 80 responses.

The vast majority of the submissions were in support of the marina, with some, like Geoff Stevens, saying the resort was ''long overdue'' for such a development.

John Petre said while Lake Wakatipu was an ''outstanding'' boating lake, the long-term berthing facilities were ''totally inadequate''.

''This is an outstanding opportunity to secure [a] world-class asset and at no cost to the ratepayer,'' Mr Petre wrote.

The few who opposed generally did so because of concerns for the environment and potential loss of views.

A submission from Robert Mark and Rebecca Instone opposed the application and said the proposal was ''a money motivated scheme by a selfish few''.

''We cannot see the need for a construction that will create an eyesore and limit the lake use on the Frankton Arm. This proposed marina will totally obscure our beautiful view up the lake.''

The Department of Conservation opposed the application because of biosecurity and public access concerns and potential effects on Doc-managed land.

Doc said Lake Wakatipu was essentially free of exotic plants such as the oxygen weeds Lagarosiphon major and Elodea Canadensis.

''Plant, machinery and materials used to construct the marina and vessels moored in the marina have the potential to introduce exotic plants to Lake Wakatipu.

"Once these exotic plants are introduced to the marina, vessels can then transport the plant fragments to various parts of Lake Wakatipu.''

It also said the application was unclear about public access by walkers and cyclists along the lake from Queenstown to Frankton.

Land Information New Zealand also had concerns about aquatic weed, specifically Lagarosiphon major.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council should impose conditions, such as that all construction equipment must be thoroughly cleaned, before consent was granted, Linz wrote.

A submission from the Queenstown Trails Trust contained concerns about public access, such as how the proposal connected to the wider Queenstown Trail and ''in particular pedestrian crossings and other traffic calming measures''.

The New Zealand Transport Agency, while not opposed in general, had concerns about how the State Highway 6a and Sugar Lane intersection would cope with increased traffic.

The agency asks that the council refuse the application or delay granting consent so the applicant can discuss potential traffic effects with the agency ''with a view to seeking consensus or agreement on how those effects might be avoided, remedied and/or mitigated''.

A submission from the runanga of Kati Huirapa Runanga ki Puketeraki and Te Runanga o Otakou was opposed to the marina in its entirety.

The submission said Lake Wakatipu was a valued landscape and of cultural significance.

''It is submitted that the location of a privately owned structure of this scale on the lake and its foreshore would have adverse effects on the cultural relationship that Kai Tahu Whanui have with Lake Whakatipu-wai-maori.''

The council is seeking further information about the proposal before proceeding to a hearing.

Lakes Marina Projects Ltd was named as the council's preferred developer in late 2012.

In August 2011, the council cancelled its agreement with Queenstown Marina Developments Ltd, five years after the company first mooted an offshore marina, and subsequently sought expressions of interest from interested developers.

Co-directors of Lakes Marina Projects are Alan Kirker, of Queenstown, and Nassar and Iraj Barabi, brothers based in California.

Included in the resource consent application is a 320m-long wave attenuator, 150m-long retaining wall, 156 car parks, public toilets, and buildings. The marina is to be built in two stages.

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