Wrangle disrupts honeymoon travel

A heated honeymoon disagreement resulted in a newlywed Indian tourist couple being escorted from an Air New Zealand flight at Queenstown Airport on Saturday.

Sergeant Blair Duffy, of Queenstown, said the ATR aircraft had been due to depart about 9am when cabin staff became concerned about a ''verbal dispute'' between the Indian husband and wife.

The man (23) had been speaking aggressively in Hindi and the wife (21) had become emotional and was crying.

The aircraft captain requested the two passengers be taken from the flight and they were escorted away by police.

The husband then spent about five hours in a Queenstown police station cell while police made inquiries.

Sgt Duffy said the couple, who had earlier spent two nights in Queenstown, had been heading to Rotorua. There had been a ''verbal dispute'' but no physical assault.

The man had been charged with threatening behaviour, but was allowed to leave after being given a pre-charge warning, Sgt Duffy said.

The man had been co-operative during police inquiries and was ''remorseful'' for his actions.

Sometimes people could be adversely affected by the strains of extended travel and of spending considerable periods of time in confined areas, Sgt Duffy said.

The couple were returned to the airport by Sgt Duffy, in time to board an Air New Zealand flight to Auckland, which departed at 6pm on Saturday.


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