Arrests after St Patrick's Day celebrations in resort

Police are investigating three alleged assaults and have made two arrests after St Patrick's Day celebrations in Queenstown. 

Senior Sergeant Paula Enoka said police would much rather be out preventing crime elsewhere, but instead were drawn into the Village Green to "baby-sit" about 350 people celebrating the event yesterday.

Although most people were well behaved, Snr Sgt Enoka said when large social gatherings and alcohol mixed there was always the potential for behaviour issues.

The first incident happened before the sun had set. A 28-year-old Queenstown man was injured after a glass was allegedly thrown at his head in the 1876 Bar and Restaurant at 5.30pm.

The man took himself to the medical centre for treatment and received butterfly stitches to his head.

Police were waiting to view CCTV footage to identify the other man involved, Snr Sgt Enoka said.

A 23-year-old British man was initially removed from Winnie's Bar and Restaurant by security for alleged disorderly behaviour. He was then arrested after allegedly spitting, headbutting and repeatedly trying to punch the bouncer.

He has been charged with assault and would appear in the Queenstown Lakes District Court.

A 27-year-old man was caught allegedly urinating in Horne Creek, which runs through the Village Green, at midnight.

Police said he then attempted to run away from officers. He was arrested and will appear in the district court on charges of indecent behaviour and resisting police.

Another man (47) was left with a bleeding nose after allegedly being headbutted by another man outside the Church St Night 'n Day at 3.45am on Sunday.

He did not need medical attention and police were waiting to view CCTV footage to try and identify the other man involved.

Snr Sgt Enoka praised the local bars for being vigilant with security and having extra staff on.