Drink-driver numbers disappoint resort police

Queenstown police were kept busy over the weekend with drink-drivers and intoxicated people celebrating the Queenstown Winter Festival.

Sergeant Tracy Haggart, of Queenstown, said six people were processed for drink-driving on Friday night and Saturday morning, and another nine were arrested for disorder and fighting offences.

''Obviously it's disappointing to see that number on the opening night of Winter Fest ... there still are people out there who are chancing driving after drinking, Sgt Haggart said.

''It's just a reminder for people to either [get] a sober driver or ensure they use taxi or bus services.''

Among the incidents, two 19-year-old males were arrested at 11.45pm on Saturday for fighting in The Mall outside Winnies.

''They were waiting in line ... and realised they went to school with each other, so they decided to have a fight about it.

''One called the other a name and a fight ensued right in front of police. 

''One male was found to be in possession of ecstasy,'' Sgt Haggart said


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