Early morning brawls in Queenstown, Winton

Police were called to separate incidents involving alcohol-related fighting, in Queenstown and Winton early today.

Police went to Camp St, Queenstown at 3.10am after receiving reports of ten to 15 people fighting.

Only minor injuries were reported, no medical attention was required, but police took statements and were making follow-up inquiries into the incident, a police spokeswoman said.

The group of people quickly dispersed and the matter was over by 3.35am, she said.

Police had earlier been called to Great North Rd, Winton, at 1.10am after receiving a report of about eight people fighting.

No serious injuries resulted, the group quickly dispersed, the incident was over by 1.45am, and no follow-up inquiries were planned.

Alcohol had been a factor in both incidents, the spokeswoman said.